About our company

Pivljanka Ltd was established in June 2001. It has three business units: storage of building materials "Taušanović", constuction equipment and materials store "METALO TEHNA" and business unit for car wash and vulcanization "Stelumajone".
The company founder is Veselin Taušanović and the director is Milutin Taušanović. Pivljanka Ltd is a family company that employs 10 workers.
Trade, tourism and transport are activities of our company. Our business is characterized by safety, quality of service and friendly staff. As a family business from year to year we gain the market and promote the service industry. In the coming year, will be oriented toward tourism, so unless Durmitor bungalows, we plan to build an eco village in a very quiet location which is ideal for hikers, bikers and unspoiled nature lovers.